The national
international athlete

Both sides of the medal

The ups and downs of a top-level athlete

Victory is so exciting! But despite the disappointment, there are good lessons to be learned from failure. Drawing on his experience as an Olympic sprinter, Steve will address a number of questions. For example, what type of training should a top-level athlete undergo? What steps do they need to take to reach the next level of competition? How to react to stress and competitors? What sacrifices is he prepared to make to achieve his goals? How can he overcome his disappointment in the face of failure or poor performance?

Youth = 1h – 1h15

Adults = 2h

The conference includes

  • Training
  • Competition
  • Sacrifices
  • Disappointment
  • Memorable moments

You will learn

  • That it takes hours, days, months and sometimes even years to realize a dream
  • That it takes effort and sacrifice to reach a high level in any field
  • Performance does not necessarily mean winning a prize or a medal
  • Not to be discouraged and to see the positive when you don’t succeed
  • That it’s important to manage and appreciate what success feels like.

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